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   Do you open Design Space and feel INTIMIDATED?    

Maybe you don’t even KNOW WHERE TO START.

 Everyone tells you to watch YouTube videos to get started, and hey they’re great,  I mean I make YouTube tutorials myself 😉

But when you’re in that crafting moment, it’s soooo hard to remember what you’re supposed to do next.  Maybe I’m the only one with a bad memory? 

That's why I put together a guide book to help you step-by-step with the functions of Cricut Design Space. Plus I cover trouble shooting tips and how to do some fun things like design monograms.

You can Conquer your Cricut and make great things.   

And for a limited time you can grab the Ultimate Guide to using your Cricut and Design Space (plus Bonus Materials) for 50% off regular price.

**This is a Digital Download Only

*This is a Digital Download Only

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review of the Conquer your Cricut Guidebook
Review of how to use your cricut guide
Conquer your Cricut Black Friday Sale

When I first bought my Cricut machine my husband was understandably upset.  It was a lot of money to drop on a hobby and we were pretty broke.  

I looked him straight in the eye and said this little machine will make me $2000 dollars in the next two months. 

And you know what?  It did.  

But it took a lot of late nights and countless mistakes.  I don’t even want to think about how much money in vinyl I wasted.  

I don’t want you to go through that.  

I want you to have the joy of making great things for yourself, your family,  your friends and even to sell.  Without the late nights and wasted vinyl. 

That’s why I made Conquer your Cricut for you.  It’s the ultimate guide to get you started and keep you going on your crafting journey. 

What will you make with your Cricut?

**This is a Digital Download Only

**This is a Digital Download Only

Additional discount automatically applied and expires in …

Review of Conquer your Cricut the ultimate guidebook


Conquer Your Cricut -The Ultimate Guide is for anyone who owns a Cricut cutting machine and is feeling overwhelmed.  

You’re wasting too much time figuring out how to do stuff.   

You feel intimidated when you open up Design Space and you’re frustrated when you can’t figure out why it’s not doing what you want it to. 

It feels like each project requires a different procedure, but you’re not sure which one. 

You want to make great things, but it all seems so confusing. 

You wish you had a guide that you could print out and keep by your side.  A guide that’s right there when you need it, one that you can label, make notes in and that will help you make great things.  

You own one of the following Cricut Cutting Machines

  • Explore One
  • Explore Air
  • Explore Air 2
  • Maker
  • JOY

**This is a Digital Download Only

** This is a Digital Download Only


Additional discount automatically applied and expires in …

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Simply print the pages to the guide book (Reduced color copy available!)  on your home printer and insert the pages into a binder that you will keep by your Cricut.  

Alternately you can take the pages to most office supply stores and they will spiral bind the book for you relatively cheap. 

Here’s what Pam has to say:

I used the guide today to figure out something I didn’t understand on a project.  It’s so nice to have all of the information right there in front of me instead of having to spend so much time on YouTube trying to figure out the exact answer.  Sometimes I wasted 10-15 minutes on a video that didn’t even answer my question!  I’m so fortunate I got your Cricut Guide. 

-Pam M. 


Conquer your Cricut is full of easy to use cheat sheets that will help you navigate your way through Design Space.

Cheat Sheets are included for both PC and IOS (iPhone/iPad) 

No longer will you have to waste time trying to figure out how to perform tasks and use your Cricut.  

Plus you’ll find trouble shooting tips for when things don’t turn out quite right.  

What’s included:

  • Setting up your Cricut machine
  • Caring for and using your mats
  • Setting up Design Space
  • Downloading and Uploading SVG Files
  • Layers Menu Overview
  • Group/Ungroup
  • When to Attach
  • When to Weld
  • Weld/Attach Trouble Shooting
  • How to Slice
  • Slice vs Attach
  • How to Contour (modify files)
  • How to Add Fonts
  • Working with Text
  • Working with Script Text
  • Using Special Characters
  • Spacing Letters and Lines
  • How to Curve Text
  • Using Align and Distribute
  • Scoring Paper Projects
  • Using Pens
  • Print then Cut
  • Preparing Your Cut Mats
  • Material Settings
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**This is a digital download only

** This is a Digital Download Only



In the bonus area you will find how to make popular designs and crafts such as: 

  • Split Level Monograms
  • Circle Monograms
  • Making Stencils
  • Knockout Designs
  • Making Guides to Layer Vinyl
  • Applying Stencils
  • Applying Vinyl to Canvas
  • Painting Signs
  • +more
  • *Screen shots in the bonus section are currently done on a PC
Normally a $17 value, but today I’m including it with your purchase for FREE.

**This is a Digital Download Only

**This is a Digital Download Only 


Additional discount automatically applied and expires in …